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January 2021 Meeting Summary

To start the New Year at CFP, we heard from those with lived experience in our community. Lavina Boyd and Cynthia Travers joined us, and shared experiences of poverty and impacts of stigma. Experiences stemming from issues within our systems were shared and discussed, from where stigma shows up in our community to our health care systems.

We then heard from Meenakshi Mannoe and TJ Felix from Pivot Legal Society. They presented on “Auditing for Stigma”. Pivot Legal Society “works in partnership with communities affected by poverty and social exclusion to identify priorities and develop solutions to complex human rights issues” (Pivot Legal Society, 2021). During the presentation Meenakshi and TJ spoke to community values, people with lived/living experience (PWLE), peers, identifying stigma, defining systemic stigma, screening for stigma and auditing law/policy for stigma. The presentation can be viewed here

The group engaged in a “Mentimeter” and were asked to choose three words that describe how stigma harms people. Below are the words the group shared.

The group was then asked how they see stigma showing up in our community. Some examples that were shared include:

“Bylaws “cleaning up” people’s belongings”

“People get angry all the time in life and it's accepted, but if someone gets angry in social services they are branded as "aggressive" and this sticks and leads to criminalization”

“Lack of open dialogue and understanding influenced by fear and prejudice”

“the new bus benches with partitions - can't lie down on them.”

We continue to see stigma show up in our community, what are the next steps to shift this reality?

The CFP has been filming an anti-stigma video that is guided by the voices of those with lived experience. Elevating these voices and including them in decision making is a clear path towards change. We look forward to sharing these stories and voices with you and continuing to reveal injustices in our community, while reflecting on and working towards collaboratively addressing these issues.

Service Provider Updates

Kamloops United Church is happy to announce they are planning a virtual documentary screening of Us and Them in March. More details to follow!

Women's & Sexual Health Service opening February 2021! - STEPS (Supporting Team Excellence with Patients Society) Services include PAP, All contraceptives including IUD’s, STI testing- Valley View Clinic Orchard Walk

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