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February Meeting Summary

Wednesday, February 24. Pink Shirt Day- Anti- Bullying Day!

On our screen we saw many pink shirts to mark anti-bullying day.

In November 2020, CFP members took part in an evaluation survey that focused on the opportunities, challenges, desires and outcomes of CFP. Survey results can be viewed here.

The survey provided insight into members experiences of CFP and showed that the goals and direction feel somewhat unclear. There is interest among members to engage in working groups and focus on specific issues. Suggestions were made to narrow down a focus based on high need in the community. Sub committees of CFP have historically been action oriented and focused on issues including child-care, housing and transportation.

In previous meetings, stigma was identified as an ongoing barrier to change. Over the past few meetings anti-stigma has been a focus, resulting in the filming an anti-stigma video to be released at our next meeting. The dissemination approach will be collaboratively discussed, with the goal of educating and reducing stigma in the community. Defining a primary focus for working groups is a next step by asking “What are the most pertinent issues you would like to see address in our community- specific to poverty?” Community issues discussed at previous meetings will be explored, along with issues that may not yet be identified.

Melba D’Souza Assistant Professor at Thompson Rivers University presented on a study conducted in Kamloops which focused on "Access to Healthcare for People Who are Homeless". The study was conducted in collaboration with local organizations: Canadian Mental Health Association, ASK Wellness, PIT Stop, Lived Experience Community and United Way.

The mixed method study began in 2019 and consisted of a literature review, engagement with community partners and community oriented participatory research with a focus on footcare health. To learn more about the study please connect with Melba D’Souza -

The group then discussed what support interventions can be facilitated for improving access to health care for people who are homeless. Some specific ideas for foot care were discussed, along with the need to share these findings with other health focused community groups or organizations that may be able to implement the findings into practice and/or policy.

Service Provider Updates

-Kamloops United working on a virtual viewing and discussion of the documentary US and Them- tentatively scheduled for after Easter. Details to follow!

-STEPS Women’s Sexual Health Services and other services including LGBTQ2S+ and Trans Care, general family practice and Indigenous family care. Visit

-You and/or your clients are invited to join a webinar series on the rights and responsibilities of renters, presented by the Elizabeth Fry Legal Clinic’s Poverty Law Advocate, Erik Nelson. The webinar will run on Wednesdays, March 17, 31 & April 14 & 28, 2021 at 11:00 am. You may register for the course here: Webinar Registration - Zoom , or by contacting E Fry at (250) 374-2119, or email: Each webinar will focus on a particular point in time of a residential tenancy: Starting a Tenancy, During a Tenancy, Ending a Tenancy, and Dispute Resolution. Attached with this email is a press release and 4 separate posters, if you want to alert your clients by posting.

- TRU has identified students living in hotels along Columbia street. TRU is offering special bursaries for people who want to move into residence or another location in the community. Get in touch with the student affairs office.

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